Crockery Crisis

Table Linen

90” diameter cloth (white)                                         £5.90 each
118” diameter cloth (white)                                       £8.70 each
54” square cloth (white)                                             £3.05 each
54” x 70” oblong cloth (white)                                   £3.60 each
Banqueting cloth 144” long x 70”(white)                 £7.10 each
White Cloth 108” x 70”                                             £6.45each
90” square cloth (white)                                             £5.90 each
35” square cloth (pink, burgundy, royal blue
bottle green and peach)                                             £2.80 each
Napkins (white)                                                          £0.75 each
Heavy Duty Oven Cloths                                           £0.90 each
Tea Towels                                                                  £0.60 each

Laundry charges are included for all cloths if crockery and glasses are ordered also.

We can also supply disposable paper napkins in various colours in large or small quantities – please ask for a price.                                                                           


Crockery Crisis Hire Service